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GOLF Pools on OFP

GOLF Pools on OFP

Fantasy, Survivor, and Pick 1 for the PGA Tour:

  • Include up to 37 PGA Tournaments
  • Round by round predicted results
  • Email and Telephone Support (303-222-0030)
  • Private Trash Talk Message Boards
  • Low Cost ($1 - $3/entry)
  • Ad Free Website

We have three kinds of golf pool formats for you to choose from, each with a rich set of features and options. We offer a clean and intuitive user experience and live customer support. Below you will find a brief description of the formats available on our site, with links to learn more for each one.

Our Golf Pool Formats:

Fantasy (Salary Cap)
Each pool member gets a budget of 30 units and can select up to 10 golfers at prices ranging from around 1 to 20 units. Scoring is based on money winnings - you get 1 point for every $1 your golfers earn and the pool member with the most points wins. You assemble a team of Pro's before each tournament, and the draft is non-exclusive (i.e. two pool members can have the same Pro on their team).
Pick a player for a given tournament. If that player makes the cut (or top 25 or whatever you specify as the elimination criteria), you survive and advance to the next tournament. If not, you're out. You can only pick a player once during the course of the season and the last one standing at the end wins the pool.
Pick "1" Fantasy
This is where Fantasy meets the Survivor format. It works like a Fantasy pool in that you get a point for each $1 earned by the Golfers you pick, and pool members don't get eliminated from the pool. It works like a Survivor Pool in that you only pick one golfer per tournament, and once you pick that player, you can't pick them again for future tournaments. The pool member with the most points at the end wins (there are settings for "Pick 2", pick a golfer only twice, etc.).

Learn More:

About Us - We have been hosting office pools online since 1999. Our fulltime staff provides excellent customer service, and we have a deep, reliable website, and fast score and standings updates. Our goal is to take the work and worry out of running and participating in a pool, so you can sit back and enjoy the competition both on and off the golf course.

Branded Pools - We can help you promote your own website or business with a custom branded football pool. We'll use your graphics and styles to make our site look like yours. These are perfect for radio stations, newspapers, or anyone who wants to run a customer or employee appreciation pool. Learn More

Hosting Fee - We charge a hosting fee to pool managers, most typically based on the number of tournaments you choose to include in your pool. For one-tournament-only pools, the cost is $1/pool entry. Our four-tournament package (e.g. you include the four majors in your pool) the cost is $2/entry, and for more than four tournaments (up to 36 tournaments in the season) the cost is $3/entry.

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What They're Saying - I just thought I would take this opportunity to say I think you guys have done an exceptional job with the website this year. I have been on the site for 4 years and have always enjoyed it, but I think you made some significant improvements this year. Thanks for improving and meeting our needs at a reasonable price. - Joshua Marsh
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