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Bowl Pick'em

Pick the winner of every Bowl game!

  • Decide which games to include on the picksheet
  • Weight each game as you see fit
  • Standard, Confidence Points, or Key Picks
  • Customizable Key Pick Bonus
  • Customizable Point Spreads
  • Include Over/Under picks
  • Autopick Options
  • Trash Talk Message Board
Pickem for the College Football Bowl series. Pick the winner of every Bowl game (or just the one's you want to include), either straight-up or against-the-spread. The pool winner is the person with the most correct picks or the most points.
Out of Season
Please check back in November to get your pool started
The fee to use our website for Bowl Pick'em is $10.00 for the first 10 entries and $1.00 for each member above 10. For example, if you have 10 players or less, the cost will be $10.00. If you have 20 players, the cost will be $20.
Take A Tour!
You can select exactly which games you want to include on your picksheet. For Standard Pickem pools, you can also assign a "weight" to each game. For example, you can make the National Championship game worth 3 points, the other important Bowl games worth 2 and the rest of the games worth 1. The choice is yours!

Set Bowl Pool Picksheet

Set up your pick sheet using this page. Select the games, and the weights and must pick designations for certain pool formats. Click here to set Custom Spreads and Totals.


Matchup (Time) Weight
Saturday, December 20
Monday, December 22
Tuesday, December 23
Wednesday, December 24
Friday, December 26
Saturday, December 27
Monday, December 29
Tuesday, December 30
Wednesday, December 31
Thursday, January 01
Friday, January 02
Saturday, January 03
Sunday, January 04
Monday, January 12

Selected Games: 39 Total Picks: 39

Note: By default, the tiebreaker game for bowl pools is always the National Championship Game. Click here to choose a different tiebreaker game.