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Pick the N.F.L. division winners!

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The fee to use our website for N.F.L. Division Winners is $10.00 for the first 10 entries and $1.00 for each member above 10. For example, if you have 10 players or less, the cost will be $10.00. If you have 20 players, the cost will be $20.

The Picksheet

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East North South West Wildcard 1 Wildcard 2 Conference Super Bowl
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Main Settings

Assign the number of points that your pool members will get when they get a pick right in each of the following categories. If you do not want to include a category, simply assign 0 points (e.g. assign "0" to Wild Card Winner, and the columns for Wild Card Winners will disappear from the picksheet).
Wild Card Winner
Division Winner
Conference Winner
Super Bowl Winner

Pick Deadline

If you're looking for the excitement of an NFL pool without the week-to-week effort of making picks, then this pool format is a good option for you. You set a single pick deadline towards the start of the season... people get their picks in by then and they're done. They just have to sit back and watch the season unfold without worrying about forgetting their picks.
Pick Deadline (Pacific Time):

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