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Square Pools

Pick squares from a 10x10 grid!

  • Supports a wide variety of different sports
  • Customizable Team Names
  • Maximum Number of Squares the can be Picked
  • Automatic Tracking of Picks
  • Send Invitations to Join
  • Track Signups
  • Set the Rules
Game (1 set only) Each Quarter (4 sets)
The fee to use our website for Square Pools is $9.00. You have to pay the fee each time you reset the pool and start a new game.

Main Settings

Custom Settings
Top Team:
Side Team:
Max Squares per Member:


Example Square Pool

Main Administration Page

Pool Actions
Close Pool Your pool is open but you have no credits remaining to close your pool. To purchase another credit, click here. Picks can be submitted until you close the pool or until all the squares have been filled. To close the pool and to generate random numbers for the square pool headings and to send email to your members notifying them of their "numbers", click the "close pool" link.
Reset Pool  If you are running your square pool week after week, this is the tool for you. It will clear your numbers, re-open your pool and give you the option to clear out the picks.
Delete Pool  If you are done with your pool, this tool is for you. Deleting your pool will clear all picks and numbers, boot all of your pool members and delete the pool from your pool list.

"Four Quarter" Squares

When you close your pool, you have the option to generate one set of numbers OR you can have the website generate four sets of numbers, one for each quarter. If you choose to generate four sets of numbers, your squares will look like the following:

Example Square Pool

About Us

We are a small company with 3 full time employees and our office is located near Denver. We started business in 1999 with pro football Pick'em Pool hosting. Since then we have added College Football and Basketball, Baseball, Golf, NASCAR and Soccer, and we plan to continue adding other sports and pool formats.

We listen to our customers (you!) and make improvements and additions every year based on your feedback. Check out our testimonials page to see what people have to say about our service.

Our goal is to make your pool run smoothly and to make the game easy and fun for everyone involved.

We are an Entertainment Only website. We don't take bets or pay out prizes and you aren't allowed to use our site if you are playing for money.

We respect your privacy. We don't spam and we never share your email address or other personal information with anyone.

Call or write with questions. We are normally in the office Monday - Friday from about 8AM-5PM Mountain time. During football season we are here on Sundays, too. Check out our Contact Us page or just give us a call 303-222-0030.