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The Basics

The office classic. Starting with the field of 64, pick the winner of every NCAA Basketball Tournament game.

Key Features

  • Live Scoring
  • iPhone App and Mobile Site
  • Custom Round Values
  • Upset Bonus Options
  • What If Standings and Scenarios

Companion App For iPhone and Android

Pick the Bracket pools come with a companion app that allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your pool once the action gets under way. Live scores, immediate standings updates, poolwide picks, all in a convenient and easy to use app.

Pick-The-Bracket Pools Only

Find our app in the following online stores:

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Download TP Hoops for Android

About OFP

2017 marks our 19th year of sports pool hosting. Our fulltime staff provides excellent customer service, and we have a deep, reliable website, and extremely fast score and standings updates. Check our About Us and FAQ pages for more information.

We do the work... you enjoy the game