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You can be managing your own pool in four easy steps: 1. Select your pool format; 2. Name your pool; 3. Customize your settings; 4. Invite your friends to join.

Step 1. Select Pool Format

Step 2. Start a "Baseball Survivor" Pool

$2 per entry
The season fee to use our website for Baseball Survivor is $40 for the first 20 entries and then $1 per entry above 20.

No Obligation You will have a week or more to test out our site before having to pay and we encourage you to take advantage of the free trial period. If you decide not to use OFP, simply don't pay and we'll disable your pool after the free trial period ends.
About Baseball Survivor

Baseball Survivor

Pick 1 team each week (Monday-Sunday). If they win at least 1/2 of their games, you advance. If not, you're out. You can't pick the same team twice.

Options and Settings

Allow 1 or More "Strikes" ; Easy to add Multiple Entries; Week-by-week Pick Breakdowns; Private Message Board; Custom Scoring Options

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The hosting fee for Baseball Survivor pools is $40.00 and that includes your first 20 people/entries. If you have more than 20 then it's $1.00 for each member/entries above 20.


For baseball, we offer 13-run and Survivor pool hosting. In Survivor, you pick 1 team each week, can't pick them again, and if they win 1/2 their games or more that week, you advance. In 13-run, everyone gets assigned a team, and the whoever gets all the runs from 0-13 first wins. In all baseball formats, standings are updated nightly.