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Seed 8

The Basics

Pick 8 NCAA teams and get their seed value in points for each win. For example, a #8 seed gets you 8 points per win. If they win 2 games you get 16 points. If you pick a #1 seed and if they win 6 games (NCAA Champion), you would only get 6 points. The person with the most points at the end wins.

Key Features

  • Make your picks before the tournament begins
  • Options for how many teams to pick (not just 8)
  • Private "Trash Talk" message board
  • Easily add multiple entries
  • Custom pick deadline

About OFP

2017 marks our 19th year of sports pool hosting. Our fulltime staff provides excellent customer service, and we have a deep, reliable website, and extremely fast score and standings updates. Check our About Us and FAQ pages for more information.

We do the work... you enjoy the game