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Football Survivor TOUR

The strength screen shows who is best positioned to win the pool.

Strength of Remaining Teams

This table helps you determine who has the best chance to win your pool. It shows everyone who has not been eliminated and the strength of their remaining teams. Strength as measured by wins, power rating, and expected win margin of games left (EWMGL) which is based on the power ratings of your remaining teams and the power ratings of their remaining opponents. Cool huh? This page is only useful for pools that have Team Restrictions ON.

Wins LeftPR LeftEWMGL
1. BUCKWHEAT124 59+7
2. SPANKY120 62+10
3. FORGGY115 58+6
4. BUTCH112 53+1
5. WALDO110 55+4
6. SPUD95 50-1
7. STYMIE91 47-4
8. PINEAPPLE87 45-6
9. PORKY66 36-15
Wins LeftPR LeftEWMGL