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Football Survivor TOUR

After you create your pool, you set the options using this page. Your pool is highly customizable as you can see by the options shown below. Click on the help link, '.?.', for any option for further information.

Survivor Pool Pick Restrictions

Use these settings to adjust the difficulty of your pool by limiting the teams available to pick each week.

Pick Restrictions

*Default Setting

Pool Manager's Guide

Picking On - Most pools are set to Only Once, the default option. That means if you pick Denver in Week 1, you can't pick them again. Some pools like to change this setting when they hit the playoffs, so that all the playoff teams can be picked at least one more time.

Picking Against - Most pools leave this setting OFF. If you turn it ON, then you can only pick against a team once or twice. That means if you picked Denver to beat Oakland in Week 1, you couldn't pick Oakland's opponent again.

Reset Teams In Playoffs - This is a new feature in 2010 so we aren't sure if most pools will use it. It applies to pools using the Pickinig On and Picking Against team restrictions. If you have this option set to Yes, then once you hit the playoffs it will be like starting fresh, where you haven't picked or picked against any teams all year.

Max Point Spread - The Max Point Spread setting is primarily for pools using College Football where teams are often huge favorites. If you don't want people picking huge favorites, use this setting to restrict their choices to more equal matchups. For example, if you set the Max Point Spread to 21 and if Florida is favored by 35, nobody could pick Florida that week.

The Max Spread setting works in reverse for Loser Pools. If you have your pool set to pick Losers instead of winners then the Max Spread would apply to underdogs. For example, if you entered a max spread of 14, you wouldn't be able to pick any team who is more than a 14 point underdog.


The pool manager can change these settings anytime, but keep in mind that picks already entered will not be affected by your changes. So for example if you change the Max Spread restriction to 14 points on Wednesday but I picked New Orleans who is favored by 20 on Tuesday, my pick would not get removed and I would not get notified. Therefore, the best time to change your settings is after your pick deadline passes (typically on Sunday) and before the week rolls over on Tuesday.

Rather than turning on the option Reset Teams In Playoffs, consider changing your Picking On setting to Only Twice when you hit the playoffs. That way if people have saved any playoff teams they get the earned advantage of picking that team twice in the playoffs.