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Football Survivor TOUR

Our software makes it easy to do multiple entries. In the example below, the user is doing 3 entries and one of them is already eliminated.

"Multiple Entry" - Survivor Picksheet

Regular Season Season - Week 3

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Pick Deadline: Sun, Sep-07 11:00 AM Mountain
Pick wk3wk2wk1
STYMIE - 2 Eliminated DET ATL

Pool Settings:

Team Restrictions are ON - You may only pick a team once.
Point Spreads are ON - Pick point spread winners

Game Matchups This Week

Time Matchup Favorite Spread
Thu 6:00 PM San Francisco at Chicago Chicago -3.5
Fri 5:30 PM Philadelphia at New England New England -1.5
Fri 5:30 PM Tennessee at Atlanta Atlanta -2.5
Fri 6:00 PM Houston at Dallas Dallas -3.5
Fri 7:00 PM Green Bay at Denver Denver -3.5
Sat 2:00 PM Cleveland at Detroit Detroit -2.5
Sat 5:00 PM NY Giants at NY Jets NY Jets -2.5
Sat 5:00 PM Washington at Carolina Carolina -2.5
Sat 5:30 PM Jacksonville at Tampa Bay Jacksonville -1.5
Sat 5:30 PM Kansas City at Miami Miami -3.5
Sat 5:35 PM New Orleans at Cincinnati New Orleans -2.5
Sat 6:00 PM Baltimore at St. Louis St. Louis -1.5
Sat 6:00 PM Pittsburgh at Minnesota Pittsburgh -2.5
Sat 7:00 PM Arizona at Oakland Oakland -2.5
Sun 6:00 PM Buffalo at Indianapolis Indianapolis -4.5
Mon 6:00 PM Seattle at San Diego San Diego -3.5