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Football Survivor TOUR

This page shows an example picksheet for a pool that is using our Double Picks feature. With double picks turned on, you have to pick 2 teams each week, and both teams need to win in order for you to survive!

Double Picks Picksheet

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Pick Deadline: Sun, Sep-11 11:00 AM Mountain
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1. 2.

Pool Settings:
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Game Matchups This Week

Time Matchup Favorite Spread
Thu 6:30 PM New Orleans at Green Bay Green Bay -5.0
Sun 11:00 AM Atlanta at Chicago Chicago -0.5
Sun 11:00 AM Buffalo at Kansas City Kansas City -6.5
Sun 11:00 AM Cincinnati at Cleveland Cleveland -3.0
Sun 11:00 AM Detroit at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay -3.0
Sun 11:00 AM Indianapolis at Houston Indianapolis 1.0
Sun 11:00 AM Philadelphia at St. Louis Philadelphia 4.5
Sun 11:00 AM Pittsburgh at Baltimore Baltimore -3.0
Sun 11:00 AM Tennessee at Jacksonville Jacksonville -2.5
Sun 2:15 PM Carolina at Arizona Arizona -3.0
Sun 2:15 PM Minnesota at San Diego San Diego -9.5
Sun 2:15 PM NY Giants at Washington NY Giants 3.0
Sun 2:15 PM Seattle at San Francisco San Francisco -6.0
Sun 6:20 PM Dallas at NY Jets NY Jets -4.0
Mon 5:00 PM New England at Miami New England 4.0
Mon 8:15 PM Oakland at Denver Denver -1.5