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  College Bowl Pools

Bowl Pick'em
Pick'em for the College Football Bowl series with every custom setting you can imagine.
Share Pool Bowls
Like playing at a fantasy sportsbook for the college bowl games.


NHL Stanley Cup
Bracket pools for the NHL's Stanley Cup
NHL Survivor
Pick 1 team each week and if they win, you survive to the next week.

  PGA Golf

Golf - Pick 1
Pick 1 golfer each week and get their $ winnings in points.
Golf Salary Cap
Pick a team of golfers each week and get their $ winnings as points.
Golf Survivor
Survive if your golfer makes the cut!

  Football - NFL & NCAA

Football Pick'em
The office classic where you pick the winner of each game.
Football Survivor
Pick one team for the week and if they win, you survive to the next week.
Football Share
Like playing at a fantasy sportsbook.
All In Fantasy
Set your lineup each week choosing from the entire list of NFL players.
Pick squares from a 10x10 grid. Not just for the Super Bowl.

  MLB Baseball

Baseball Survivor
Pick 1 team each week and if they win at least 1/2 their games you advance.
Baseball 13-Run
You win if your team scores all the runs between 0 and 13 first.

  NASCAR Racing

NASCAR - Pick 1
Pick 1 driver each week and add their cup points to your total.
NASCAR Survivor
Pick 1 driver every week and if they make your "cut", you advance.
NASCAR - Fantasy
Do an offline draft and your entire roster earns you cup points each week.

  College Basketball

The office classic. Pick the winner of every NCAA Basketball Tournament game.
Tourney Survivor
Pick 1 team each day of the Tournament. Win to advance. Lose and you're out.
Tourney Shares
Fantasy sports book for March Madness.
Tourney Squares
10x10 grids where your numbers are good for every game in the tournament.
Tourney Takeover
If your team covers you advance to the next round with the winning team.
Seed 8
Pick 8 NCAA teams and get their seed value in points for each win.
Confidence 16
Pick 16 teams and rank them 16 (highest) to 1 and get their point value for each win.
NCAA Women's Hoops
Bracket Style Pool for the NCAA Division 1 Women's Basketball Tournament.
Sweet 16 Bracket
Starting with the Sweet 16 (round 3), pick the winner of every game.


World Cup 2018
Pick-the-bracket style pools for the World Cup. Optionally include the Group Stage, as a preliminary round in your pool.

  More Games on OFP

We host pools for college and NFL football, March Madness, PGA golf, MLB baseball, Nascar racing, World Cup, Olympic and International soccer and we can do most any type of bracket tournament like Wimbledon or College Lacrosse. If you don't find the game you're looking for, please contact us and see if we can help.