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Start a Baseball 13-Run Pool

The web hosting and pool management fee for 13-Run Pools is $30.00 per pool and includes automatic scoring and email updates, an online leaderboard, pool trash talk, telephone support and more.

13-Run Pools work like this:
Pool members are randomly assigned a Major League Baseball Team. Since there are only 30 teams you can only have 30 people in your pool - one person per MLB team. The first person whose team scores all the runs from 0 to 13 wins (only final scores count). When the pool starts, 14 numbers including 0 through 13 are listed for each team. Then, when your team has a final score that matches one of those numbers, this counts as a "hit" and you cross that number off your list (kind of like bingo). The first person to get all 14 numbers is the winner.

Sample Standings Page:
Sample 13 Run Baseball Pool Standings

The pool usually lasts about seven weeks and higher scoring teams are more likely to win. You should assign your teams so that each person has a fair chance of getting the highest scoring teams (in 2007 it was the Yankees) because those teams have the best chance of winning the pool for you. Do this by either randomly selecting teams or by randomly selecting a draft order and letting people pick their own teams.

When you are ready, you'll go to your pool admin page and assign the teams and enter a start date for your pool. Once you do that, we start tracking your "hits" and keep you posted on the standings.

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