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Golf Salary Cap
Salary cap style fantasy golf!
Golf One and Done
Choose 1 golfer and earn points!
Golf Tiers
Fantasy Golf picking from tiers!
Golf Survivor
Survive if your golfer makes the cut!
Propositions Pool
Make predictions for the NFL Draft, Superbowl, Golf and More
Make predictions for any event or topic you can dream up. For major events, like the NFL Draft, the Super Bowl and the Masters, the website will create and score propsheets that you can use in your pool. Or create and score your own using our super flexible system.
  • Use your own custom propsheets with your own questions, answers, weights and tiebreakers
  • Use website provided propsheets for big events like the NFL Draft, Super Bowl, UFC events and The Masters
  • Instant Updates and Live Scoring for website provided propsheets
  • Simple Setup
  • Email Reminder Notices
  • Trash Talk Message Board
  • Telephone and Email support

$1 Per entry - Free Trial Period - see details

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