College Bowl and NFL Playoff Pools

NFL PLAYOFF PICK'EM: As fully featured as the regular season pools, customize your picksheet and scoring system any way you want it. Double the number of picks to be made each week by including the over/under pick. Include College Bowl Games too! Click to start your NFL Playoff Pickem pool!
FOOTBALL SHARE: Like a fantasy sportsbook, you pick the side and/or total. Everyone starts out with the same number of shares... make as many or as few picks as you like, risk as many shares as you like. The one with the most shares at the end wins. Click to start your Postseason Share pool!
PLAYOFF 12: Like a confidence ranks pool, rank the twelve NFL teams that make the playoffs from 1 to 12. Everytime a team wins you get points equal to the rank you gave that team. (teams that play the wild card weekend have the potential to play more games!). Click to start your Playoff 12 pool!
SQUARE: Commonly used for Superbowl parties, these are the 10 x 10 grids that can be used for any game. Click to start your Square pool!
ALL-IN FANTASY: Fantasy football with no draft, no rosters, no limits. Perfect for the playoffs! You set your lineup each week by choosing from the list of NFL players still competing. Everyone can choose the same players but the winner will be the one who finds the diamonds in the rough. Click to start your All-In Fantasy pool!

Office Football Pool Hosting

Pick'em, Survivor, Fantasy, Squares, and More

About Us - We have been hosting NFL and College Football pools online since 1999. Our fulltime staff provides excellent customer service, and we have a deep, reliable website, and extremely fast score and standings updates. Our goal is to take the work and worry out of running and participating in a pool, so you can sit back and enjoy the competition both on and off the football field.

Football Pool Features

  • Instant standings updates
  • Telephone support
  • Custom scoring & options
  • Easy multiple entries
  • No advertising or spam
  • Lots of pool manager tools
  • Trash Talk Message Boards
  • 23 years of experience
  • Expert team analysis
  • Pick confirmation emails

Branded Pools - We can help you promote your own website or business with a custom branded football pool. We'll use your graphics and styles to make our site look like yours. These are perfect for radio stations, newspapers, or anyone who wants to run a customer or employee appreciation pool. Learn More

Hosting Fee - We charge a hosting fee to pool managers, usually based on the number of active pool members in the pool. Postseason prices range from $1 to $3/entry depending on the pool type (for example, most Pick'em and Playoff 12 pools are $1/entry, Share pools are $2/entry, etc.) Check the Start a Pool page for more information about the prices.

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What They're Saying: First, you have a great site. Each year it appears my crew of contestants is growing, and each has stated thus far how much we enjoy the site. As you are aware, I will be signing up again for the NCAA College Football Bowl Challenge/Confidence pool. I will continue to utilize your site. Most importantly, your quick responses to some of my questions exudes the customer service I am looking for. - Brian G.
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Questions or Comments - Please contact us anytime at: admin@officefootballpool.com