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You can be managing your own pool in four easy steps: 1. Select your pool format; 2. Name your pool; 3. Customize your settings; 4. Invite your friends to join.

Step 1. Select Pool Format

Step 2. Start a "Football Pick'em" Pool

Basic Configuration

Out of Season
Please check back in April to get your pool started
$3 per entry
The season fee to use our website for Football Pick'em is $30 for the first 10 entries and then $3 per entry above 10. If you add new people for the postseason only, there would be an extra cost of $1.00 per postseason entry. For example, if you have 8 regular season entries, the cost will be $30. If you have 20 regular season entries, the cost will be $60 and if you added 12 entries for the bowls/playoffs only, the cost would be $72.

No Obligation You will have a week or more to test out our site before having to pay and we encourage you to take advantage of the free trial period. If you decide not to use OFP, simply don't pay and we will disable your pool after the free trial period ends.

Entertainment Only OFP is strictly for entertainment or marketing purposes only and may not be used with any form of gambling or wagering or the promotion of gambling or wagering.
About Football Pick'em

Football Pick'em

Predict the winning teams on your weekly pick sheet. The winner is the person with the most correct picks, generally, but there are many variations to how your game can be scored based on points and tiebreakers. Customize your pick sheet with select games from NFL and College weekly lineups. Use confidence ranks, bonus points for Key Picks, allow "Best Bet" picks (e.g. pick just 5 games from the weekend instead of the full picksheet) and much more.

Options and Settings

NFL and/or College games; Instant Updates and Live Scoring; Use any combination of games; Optional Over/Under picks; Custom Spreads; Lots of Tiebreakers; Autopick Options; Weight each game as you see fit; Standard, Confidence Points, or Key Picks; Option to Drop Worst Weeks; Trash Talk Message Board; Email Reminder Notices; Weekly Score Reports

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The hosting fee for Football Pick'em pools is $30.00 and that includes your first 10 people/entries. If you have more than 10 then it's $3.00 for each member/entries above 10.


All of our football pools come with fast scoring where your standings are updated at minimum after every set of games is completed. We provide the pool manager with all the necessary tools to make the pool run smoothly and at the same time, we keep everything above board so the regular pool members will be confident in the website. We provide fast and helpful customer service, by telephone and email, to you and everyone in your pool. Our goal is to make you a repeat customer.