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You can be managing your own pool in four easy steps: 1. Select your pool format; 2. Name your pool; 3. Customize your settings; 4. Invite your friends to join.

Step 1. Select Pool Format

Step 2. Start a "Golf - Pick 1" Pool

$3 per entry
The season fee to use our website for Golf - Pick 1 is $30 for the first 10 entries and then $3 per entry above 10.

No Obligation You will have a week or more to test out our site before having to pay and we encourage you to take advantage of the free trial period. If you decide not to use OFP, simply don't pay and we will disable your pool after the free trial period ends.

Entertainment Only OFP is strictly for entertainment or marketing purposes only and may not be used with any form of gambling or wagering or the promotion of gambling or wagering.
About Golf - Pick 1

Golf - Pick 1

"Pick 1" fantasy is suited for a season-long pool (all available tournaments). You pick one golfer per tournament and get a point for each dollar earned by that golfer. The catch is that you can only pick a golfer once, so if you pick a golfer for the Master's you can't pick him again for the Open.

Options and Settings

Select your tournaments; Many custom options; In progress scoring; Custom deadline; Unique analysis pages; Create Custom Partial Season Standings; Standings Predictions after each round; Early Bird Pick Bonuses; Mobile Access; Email and Telephone Support; Private Trash Talk Message Boards

Take a Golf pool tour


The hosting fee for Golf - Pick 1 pools is $30.00 and that includes your first 10 people/entries. If you have more than 10 then it's $3.00 for each member/entries above 10.


We have three different formats for Golf pools, and you can include up to 36 tournaments (from the first tournament in January up to and including the Tour Championship). Pricing is based on the number of tournaments you do and the number of people in your group. For 1 tournament, the cost is $1 per person. For 4 tournaments, the cost is $2 each and for all tournaments, the cost is $3.