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Pools - Start a Pool

You can be managing your own pool in four easy steps: 1. Select your pool format; 2. Name your pool; 3. Customize your settings; 4. Invite your friends to join.

Step 1. Select Pool Format

Step 2. Start a "Basic Squares" Pool

Game (1 set only) Each Quarter (4 sets)
$9 per pool
The fee to use our website for Basic Squares is $9. You have to pay the fee each time you reset the pool and start a new game.

Entertainment Only OFP is strictly for entertainment or marketing purposes only and may not be used with any form of gambling or wagering or the promotion of gambling or wagering.
About Basic Squares

Basic Squares

Pick your squares out of the 10x10 grid of 100 and when the pool manager closes the square random numbers will be generated.

Options and Settings

Can be used for a wide variety of different sports; Customizable team names; Customizable maximum number of squares; Records picks automatically; Send invitations to join by email; Track signups; Set the rules


The hosting fee for Basic Squares pools is $9.00 and that includes your first 100 people/entries.