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General TOUR

Aliases are a convenient way to enter extra sets of picks for yourself or friends. They are similar to normal accounts but don't have a password or email address associated with them and can only be accessed from your main account. There is no limit to the number of aliases you can have.

My Aliases

Use this page to add, delete, and manage the aliases you have under your account.
Read more about aliases.

Current Entries

  Screen Name Action
1 ALFALFA View/Edit Main Account
Add an Alias
2 ALFALFA - 1 Delete   |   Rename   |   Convert
3 ALFALFA - 2 Delete   |   Rename   |   Convert
4 ALFALFA Alias #3 Delete   |   Rename   |   Convert
5 ALFALFA'S MOM Delete   |   Rename   |   Convert