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Pick'em TOUR

This page shows how many weeks each person has won and their weekly standing for every completed week. We generate this page after every week is over. The pool manager can adjust the results if necessary.

Weekly Finishes

 Weekly Finishes (Finish-Wins)
1. BUTCH1159-13110-95-143-152-175-132-154-1310-710-111-162-153-14   
2. PINEAPPLE2159-1366-127-137-129-128-113-152-145-115-133-151-151-15   
3. FROGGY1157-1383-132-176-141-172-167-97-103-133-145-149-98-11   
4. ALFALFA1156-1384-129-92-156-131-194-133-136-114-134-158-105-13   
5. SPUD2151-1432-141-198-128-129-106-107-101-139-126-133-146-12   
6. WALDO1151-1449-104-1410-105-144-131-159-99-82-152-164-147-12   
7. BUCKWHEAT1142-1534-123-164-144-143-1510-710-87-91-169-105-1310-7   
8. STYMIE1141-1541-156-139-107-126-129-75-122-137-127-116-114-13   
9. PORKY2138-1538-1210-91-163-157-128-91-168-97-128-1110-99-8   
10. SPANKY0131-1637-128-124-1410-910-65-136-104-116-1210-67-112-14   


  1. The weekly finishes shown on this page are not official unless your pool manager says so.
  2. The pool manager can edit the finish order at POOL ADMIN>Weekly Finish.
  3. This page is not the same as your season standings.