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Pick'em TOUR

The pool manager can adjust scores as needed, over-riding the OFP scoring program. Hopefully, you won't ever have to change a score, but if you do, this page is available for you. Note that any score you change will show up with a "*" in the standings.

Pool Admin - Update Pool Member Scores

  1. Select the week you want to change scores for.
  2. Change the scores and check the EDIT boxes of the members you want updated.
  3. Submit the changes by clicking "Change Record".
  4. If your pool uses a tiebreaker total points prediction (normally the monday night game "MNF") you can enter the prediction once the tiebreaker game is over.

Switch to a Different Week:

Pool Member Wins Losses Ties Pts Key Wins Key Losses MNF TiePick EDIT
 2. SPUD