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Square Pools TOUR

Use this page to manage your square pool. Set the team names and the maximum squares each person can pick. Close the pool (to generate numbers), clear the numbers, clear the picks or even delete the pool.

Custom Settings - Square Pool

Pool Managers Only

You have 1 credit remaining for this pool. Each credit allows you to close the pool 1 time.

Custom Settings
Top Team:
Side Team:
Max Squares per Member:
If your pool has prizes or entry fees, define them in the Text Rules.
Pool Actions
Close Pool   Your pool is open. Picks can be submitted until you close the pool or until all the squares have been filled. To close the pool and to generate random numbers for the square pool headings and to send email to your members notifying them of their "numbers", click the "close pool" link.
Reset Pool  If you are running your square pool week after week, this is the tool for you. It will clear your numbers, re-open your pool and give you the option to clear out the picks.
Delete Pool  If you are done with your pool, this tool is for you. Deleting your pool will clear all picks and numbers, boot all of your pool members and delete the pool from your pool list.

Pool Members and Picks

Member NameNo. SquaresEdit
ALFALFA - LR 10 Clear Picks
BUCKWHEAT - LR 10 Clear Picks
PINEAPPLE - LR 5 Clear Picks
PORKY - LR 10 Clear Picks