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Pick'em TOUR

Customize your pool with the features you want. You can do NFL games only, College only, or a combination of both. And you can pick and choose which specific games you want to include. Your pool can be straight up or against the spread. You can use confidence ranks or key picks to add an extra dimension. And there are many other settings.

Pool Settings - Pickem Format

Pool Manager Guide

Sport - When you choose NFL Only, you will get all the NFL games on your picksheet every week. If you choose College/NFL, you will create your own custom picksheets, using any combination of Pro, College D1A and College D1AA games. You could use all the Pac10, SEC and Pro games each week. You could do Sunday NFL only. You could do College Top 25. You can do any combination you like.

Point Spreads - If you turn this option ON, your pool will be scored against-the-spread and you will have the option to enter your own custom point spreads if you like. We enter the default point spreads on Tuesday mornings using the consensus from a number of different sources. We make all of the spreads end in 1/2 points to avoid ties too. If you turn this option OFF, your pool will be scored straight up, meaning you only have to pick the winners. When you choose this option the point spreads still show up on the picksheet for information only.

Pool Format - There are 3 general Pickem formats to choose from.

Standard pickem is where the players simply pick the winners without putting ranks or ratings on the games. Under this format, the pool manager can optionally weight certain games and make them worth more for everyone.

Confidence pickem is where you put points on every pick, like 16 for your highest rated pick down to 1 for your lowest rated pick. The pool manager is able to customize the confidence points available.

Key Picks pickem is where the players rate a few games higher than the rest. The pool manager designates how many "key picks" to select and how many extra points they are worth.

Pick Options - You can have everyone pick all the games on the picksheet or you can have them pick a select few.

Newspaper Format - This is only available for non-Best Bets pools. With this option ON, the pick sheet shows the favorite on the left and the dog on the right. Otherwise, the normal format is road team on left, home team on right in CAPS.