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Baseball 13-Run TOUR

The pool usually lasts about 7 weeks or so, and when someone wins the pool, there may be a plenty of time left in the baseball season still to start over again. We make that easy for you with our Pool Reset page. Resetting your 13-Run Pool does the following:

Resetting your Pool

Resetting your 13-Run Pool does the following:

  1. Clears all the scores and teams. Your standings will be erased.
  2. Changes the start date. Your pool will not start again until you reassign the teams.
New Start Date:
Change Member Status:

Pool Manager's Guide

Keep everyone in active status if you know who will be playing again. If anyone isn't playing again, you can boot or bench them after this step using the Pool Roster page.

Change everyone to invited status if you aren't sure who is in again. They will need to accept your invitation to rejoin before you can assign them teams.