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Football Survivor TOUR

Survivor Pool Autopick (Default Pick) Settings

If people are late entering their own picks and miss the pick deadline, and if the pool manager has turned this option ON, the website will assign them a Default pick or "Autopick" a few minutes after the pick deadline passes.

AutoPick Options

*Default Setting

More Information - Manager's Guide

The pool manager can define the Default Pick as either the biggest or smallest available favorite (or underdog for loser pools). By available, it means teams that haven't started their game when the pick deadline passes and teams that meet your other team restriction criteria.


If your pick deadline is Sunday and the biggest favorite plays on Thursday, then the autopicker will assign the biggest favorite that plays on Sunday or Monday.

If New Orleans is the biggest favorite of the week and if your pool uses the "Pick a Team Only Once" restriction and if you already picked New Orleans, the autopicker will give you the next biggest favorite.

If 2 or more teams are tied as the biggest favorite, it will arbitrarily assign one of those teams.

The Autopicker will never overwrite your own picks.


If you don't want people relying on Autopicks all year, you may restrict the number of times people can get Autopicks using the Max Auto Picks field. Set it to 3 and people can only get 3 autopicks for the duration of the pool. After that they would need to get their own picks in.