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General TOUR

Once you create your pool, you can use this page to invite your friends to join. Several options are presented.

Note that, like the registration page, this page is live. If you send this invitation to your friends they will be able to join our free in-house Mega Pool. When you run your own pool, this page will reflect information relevant to your pool only.

Invite New People to Join Your Pool

Invite your Facebook Friends!

Pool ID: 1691
Pool Entry Code: OFP

Invite People to Join Your Pool

There are 2 options for using your own email program to invite people into the pool. Read about them below and choose which option is best for you. You can also post an invitation to join your pool for your friends on Facebook by clicking on the "Invite your friends on Facebook" button above. If you have any trouble, please contact us at: 303-483-7560

Email Option 1. Copy-Paste (for browser and non browser based email like gmail, hotmail, outlook, etc.)

Highlight, copy and paste the following directions into your own email program and edit as you see fit. Your text rules are also included below (separate box) if you want to copy and paste them into the email. Then send the email you create to your friends.

Text Rules

If you want to include your pool's text rules in your email, you can copy the rules here

Email Option 2. Click for Prefilled Email (for non-browser based email like Outlook)

Click the following link and it should launch a new email message that's prefilled with a subject and body. The body should contain a specially coded link and directions for joining your pool. You need to fill in the "to:" field and may add any of your own comments or pool specifics. If it doesn't work, try Option 2. Start My Invitation